Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Eye Candy

So how was it, friends? Was your Christmas merry and bright? This year, while we were visiting our family in Jers, I noticed how hard my family works to create the most amazing holiday ambiance. 
Coming up the front walkway. So purdy!
In order to celebrate all the hard work my folks put into their decorations, my Mama and I took a walk around her house to select some of our favorite scenes. Check it out! These two really know how to put it ON for Christmas. 
Holiday mantle
The mantle is decorated with more Santas than you can count! And lemme tell ya, there are some unique designs up there. A FIG Santa? Yeah, weird...but kind of cute. Maybe?
You could make a game out of counting all the Santas, for sure.
And the "main" tree is lovely as ever...loaded with ornaments that trigger countless memories. Oh, the nostalgia!
I'm crazy about the glow of a Christmas tree.
Because one tree is just never enough in Jersey, here's the "Santa Tree" (Yes. MORE Santas!) right next to the stained glass Nativity scene my grandmother made. All aglow...
My grandmother's stained glass looks gorgeous with the Christmas lights.
Speaking of grandma- she didn't mess around when it came to Christmas either. I always marvel at the dozens of ornaments she made by hand. Using a styrofoam ball, beads, pins and trimmings, she made a new regal decorative ball each year. My mom now hangs some from the dining room chandelier. They're stunning!
My favorite is the white one in the back, with the diamonds in the middle. Grandma called this one "The Crown Jewels" so I'd always seek it out at Christmas.
And lastly, my most favorite decoration of all is always my grandmother's handmade, stained glass village. She created all these cute little houses, and placed small lightbulbs inside each one. I used to spend hours playing with the little figures that lived in this winter wonderland. Coolest decoration EVER! Way to go, grandma!
Is it weird that I STILL want to play with this village? Rhetorical. No. 
Sound of Music style- these are a few of my favorite things!

The best part about taking the pics for this post was simply walking around my childhood home, arm in arm with my mama, gabbing about Christmases past and remembering those we have loved and shared time with through the years. 

And then to watch my daughters following along, dancing in the lights, taking it all in and making new memories of their own? Icing on the cake. 

We hope your Christmas was bright and are sending you extra love for an amazing new year!

What holiday decoration triggers the best memories in your childhood home? Don't you love getting taken back?

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Shazberry said...

I love the ball ornaments your Grandma made. They look professionally made. I'm a sucker for handmade ornaments, especially when little ones make them.