Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Real People Feature: Shachar G. Scott

Carambola, Venezuela
Who are you?

I am a mom to the most adorable twins in the world, Morgan and Riley (fondly known as "RiMo"). I am a wife to the best husband. I am a sister and daughter. And I'd like to think I am also an awesome aunt to 10 nieces and nephews! 

I love to travel and am super hard working and ambitious (I have two full-time jobs). I co-founded The Taco Truck and also work for Apple. I am a passionate photographer. And, I am a Sabra (a Hebrew term used to describe a native-born Israeli and also the prickly pear cactus where the word is derived, which is appropriate considering my sweet and mushy inside and my stubborn and bold outside).
Shachar Scott
Carnitas Taco from The Taco Truck
What is the best advice you've ever given or received and why?

During a recent conversation with a colleague who also juggles it all -- working at Apple, two kids, small business owner, etc. -- she recently said, "You can't be amazing at everything all at once." 

If you are a shitty wife one day, make sure you are not shitty the next day, too. If you're a shitty employee the next day, make up for it by going above and beyond the day after. Find balance. Give yourself the grace to not be perfect. I thought it was the best advice I was ever given. 

I, too often, overload myself with more than any human should juggle, and I wonder how to keep the balls up in the air. Now, if I let one fall, I am ok with it. I just pick it right back up the next day and try not to drop it again. ;)
What has been the greatest challenge in your life and why?

I stutter. For as long as I can remember I have stuttered. 

As a child, I underwent a decade of speech therapy. I learned so many tricks to being able to articulate myself without getting stuck on consonants. I used to carry a clicker (like the ones they use at concerts to count how many concert-goers have entered the arena) to speak: for every word I would click or tap my foot. I would lay on the ground with a book on my tummy and try and breathe from my diaphragm, getting one word out at a time without getting "stuck". I tried it all just to be able to speak without a stutter. 
Waimea Canyon National Park- Kauai
I have definitely improved over time and can have a conversation- sometimes without stuttering at all, and other times I still can't get a word or two out. But I have learned to embrace the challenge and not give up trying. It is a part of me. 
Los Roques, Venezuela
What has been the greatest joy in your life and why?

Being a mom is by far the most amazing joy I have ever felt (after meeting and marrying my hubby!). We tried to have kids for a long time, so when we finally found out we were pregnant with twins, it was the best news I had ever heard. 
And from the moment they were born, it has been one incredible joy after another. All of the firsts that feel like they happen everyday, their tiny yet HUGE personalities, their ridiculous smiles and laughs, even when they cry at night or have explosive poops -- it is all a part of the fun and adventure that is being a mom to twins. 

I also love what motherhood has done to me professionally. I have a totally different outlook on my career. I am more appreciative for my successes but also feel even more accomplished at home when my children reach their own milestones. I, too often, find myself not grasping that they "are mine" because they are just so amazing; it is hard to fathom. I am blessed beyond belief. 
What is one thing you have not done that you really want to do and why?

I want to live abroad with my family. I did when I was in college, in Italy, and it was the best experience ever. 
Secret Beach, Kauai
Also as an immigrant to this country from Israel, I have a deep appreciation for new cultures that I find to be extremely important. When RiMo are older (and maybe other kids too!), I would love to move with my husband and kids to another country for a year, learn a new language, immerse ourselves in the food, the people, the land- the ultimate adventure! 
Man...if that's not the most picture perfect family I ever did see! There's just so much beauty in every photo, in every word of Shachar's heartfelt story. And those twin-zies! I just can't even. 

I'm gaga over the advice section of this feature; I hear that so very loud and clear. Oh, how we may try, but none of us are really wearing a cape under our clothes, are we? It's okay to be off our game every once in awhile, but I'm all for learning from every bummer and striving to make tomorrow a better day. 

So much love and thanks to Shachar for sharing her story with us. What a role-model to her breathtaking lil' darlings! Here's a woman who truly goin' for it, a do-er, a mama who is going to give her fam all the love and opportunity one heart could hold. It's a beautiful thing, my friends.

Send us some pics from wherever the road takes you, lovely Shachar. Your love, strength and determination are so inspiring! And suddenly, strangely- I find myself craving tacos. What's that about?

Food for thought: If you wanted to start your own business, what would it be? I SO want The Taco Truck in our town!

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