Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Crazy Things We Said: Phrase of the Day

Sometimes people say the most outstandingly ridiculous things.

Back when we were in college, there was no shortage of outstanding ridiculousness. 

On our very first day as undergrads, one of my new pals said something hilarious...SO hilarious that I had the idea that we should write it down. 
And just like that, "The Phrase of the Day" was born. 

For two years, four semesters of know—my kooky cohorts and I sought the most striking daily absurdities to record.
Countless "Phrases of the Day" were born at this very spot. 
This week, after I nonchalantly rambled out a preposterous sentence, Lee suggested we bring back "The Phrase of the Day," all these years later. 

So we dug out the oldies, cried with laughter and resurrected "The Phrase of the Day." 

We're so excited to record the silly, adorable sayings all these lil' peanuts conjure up and, with a record of the crazy things that have been said, we know we'll revisit that laughter for years to come.

What's your favorite keepsake from yesteryear?
When I dig up treasures like this, I'm glad that I'm such a nostalgic sap.

Here's to a silly weekend, friends, full of laughter!

P.S. Congratulations to Meridith, #19 on our comment list, and our BIG WINNER of the SafeRider Travel Vest. Send us an update once you try your travel vest out & let us know what you think!


9er said...

Please type them out for us!!!?? Please please please:)!!! Xo, 9er

Cally said...

The various colors and handwritings are essential to the awesomeness. I'll photocopy them and hand them out. Yours literally had me crying with laughter. Come get em'! We miss your face! xoxo