Monday, July 29, 2013

For the Girls: Let's Talk About Boobs

Yeah. Today I'm really writing about my boobs.
If you're looking to get turned on, however, check a different blog, friend.

This isn't hot. It's a girl's desperate call-to-action!
If only someone had pulled me aside when I was younger and advised me to cherish my BB (before babies) boobs.

If only I'd better appreciated the good thing I had going on...once upon a time.

But alas, the situation has taken a turn.
Damn you, gravity!

You know. It's not that the girls are outta the game. They just need a boost.
Don't we all just need a lil' boost sometimes?

So I'm on a quest, and I need your help.
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I'm on a hardcore hunt for the best, most comfortable, tata-celebratin' bra out there!

Gone are the days when a cute little bralette could do the trick.
Gots to have support these days. You know.

Taking action, I started by trying on my current bras and took note of what I did and didn't like about the way they fit.

Next, I began my standard online research and stumbled upon True & Co, an online company that has customers fill out a quick questionnaire to create a recommendation list in finding the perfect bra. Once you choose 5 different bras, you put down a $45 deposit and True & Co sends them straight to your door.

While waiting for my True & Co "try-on" package to arrive, I hit up our local Victoria's Secret for a formal fitting.
bra fitting
Get a proper fitting at your local lingerie store. Victoria's Secret will send you home with a card detailing your perfect fit. 
There, I learned that I've, most likely, been wearing the wrong size! For Pete's sake! All these years.
Duh. Last time I got measured, I was a teenager. It was definitely time for another check, for sure.

After a few days, my True & Co. package arrived. Although the bras were gorgeous, they were all a bit too snug because I'd ordered the wrong size. Arg.

The great news is that, with True & Co., you can send the box back (free of charge) if the fit isn't right!
I've been corresponding with a rep at the company who has been incredibly helpful in helping me find my ideal bra.
My first home try-on package from True & Co.
And what IS an ideal bra?
Help me out here, girls.

I just want a beautiful, comfortable, versatile bra. Is that too much to ask for?
And a strapless bra that doesn't feel like hell.
Does one exist?
ideal bra
I love how this bra has straps that can be rearranged to accommodate racerback or cross-back styles. Bonus!

So while I'm waiting for my next try-on box from True & Co., I'm calling out to YOU.

Ladies, have you discovered a bra that you've totally fallen in love with—one that feels just right and lets the girls ride high?

Have you found a strapless bra that offers great support without forcing you to pull it up to make constant adjustments?

Let's BAND together, girls!
Send me any tips or feedback on finding the perfect bra.
I promise to report when I find "the one."
This quest shall end in blissful victory.

Sending lots of love and support to you all, lovely ladies!
Have a happy week!
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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SLTaylor said...

The Genie bra is 'tits'..super comfortable, no pointer action or pinching. Great for an every day bra!

Cally said...

LOVE those Genies! I wear them all. day. long. Thanks for pointing that out. Not exactly sexy or anything, but totally comfy, wearable...and my go-to choice for every day wear. I'm so glad you mentioned it! Rounds things out rather nicely, I'd say! Perfect for under a t-shirt, for sure!

Cally said...

Update on BOOBS- Here are our the "I LOVE this bra" recommendations of the day: Panache "Jasmine" & "Cleo Karen Balconette" (more than one woman has recommended this company and said LOVE, Soma "Sensuous Sides," The Genie Bra and Haynes bras. Is there a woman in the world who loves any strapless? Who's got more recommendations?