Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Holiday Decoration Storage: Stashing Santas

I'm determined to keep my holiday stash under control.

For Christmas this year, I actually asked for a wrapping paper storage bag and a holiday storage box to keep the goods nice and neat.

We'd previously stuffed seasonal decor in standard cardboard boxes, and the tangles, broken ornaments, wrinkled stockings…less than ideal.

When it was time to pack up the holiday decorations, I set up this Homz ornament storage box (it can hold up to 56 ornaments) and breathed a sigh of relief as every ornament nestled into its safe place.
I love that we are able to rearrange the compartments to accommodate various shapes and sizes. Added bonus? There is a shelf that goes on top of the ornaments to create another layer for storage.

After all our ornaments were safely stored, I still had room to lay our stockings and around-the-house holiday trinkets inside as well! Tons of space, though I do wish this box was made of a sturdier material and that the lid stayed on more securely.

The concept, however, is great and everything packed away nicely!
Now I don't know about you, but my gift wrapping materials were a mess

Paper rolls spilled out of our closet— and scissors, tape, ribbons, labels and tissue paper that had been shoved into a paper bag made organization extremely difficult. 

This gift wrap storage bag is a godsend! It's made of an incredibly lightweight, tarp-like material that will resist moisture and holds/organizes TONS of gift wrapping goodies.

This bag is enough to hold everything I'll ever need for wrapping presents all year long, and it fits easily under a bed or on a shelf. 

Organization super score!
giftwrap storage bag
Now if only we could figure out a better way to store Christmas lights. Ugh.
Got ideas? We need 'em!
I'm suddenly reminded of a hysterical scene from my all-time favorite Christmas movie...
"Whoops. Little knot here. You can work on that."
If you have any other tips, tricks or handy products for holiday decoration storage, send them our way! We're always looking to organize and simplify whenever possible.

Here's to keepin' it together, friends!

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