Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Hearth's Top Ten Favorites of 2013

Oh, my sweetest readers— Happy 2014 to us ALL!

Starting the new year off with fond remembrance of the past, today's post is the top ten list of the Hearth's most popular posts from 2013.

I can't thank you dearies enough for hanging out at the Hearth and for all your insightful tips, feedback and support as we branch out into the future. Your voices are always valued and welcomed here. Bring on the dialogue in 2014!

#1 Three Steps to the Toilet- Living in a Tiny House must've struck the strongest chord in the number one spot. I'd bet this amazing story inspired you environmentally conscious and do-it-yourself readers.
#2 I feel a little bit bad about posting my rant, I've Got Beef with Tinker Bell, but it appears that many of y'all relate. Why does homegirl gotta be so MEAN, right?!?
#3 Shock vs. Electrocution taught us all a lil' terminology. I actually still catch myself using the wrong term, especially since I've been getting ZAPPED all winter long.
#4 I'm glad The Thanks Board got around out there, because it's still posted in our kitchen. It's humbling and helps me remember what's really important when I'm about to complain about something frivolous.
#5 The Real Giving Tree: The Sacred Oak of Oley is our coolest site find this year. I feel changed every time I stand against that ol' oak. It's something.
#6 For the Girls: Let's Talk About Boobs was a great get-the-ball-rolling conversation with the ladies. I'm still searching, girls. Keep the comments/updates coming on the post or in our Facebook convo here.
#7 Choosing Favorites: My Top 5 Book Collections for Kiddos is always good encouragement to keep those kiddos reading. Books have the potential to inspire and to deliver such knowledge. Please read.
#8 Oh, a thousand thanks to my readers/commenters on Looking Chalazia Right in the Eyes. We've learned that this will likely be an on-going battle with our darlings, so I will update and continue our discussions as we progress, research and prevent recurrences.

#9 Insert string of capitalized, italicized expletives here:::Ten Scenes of Horror: Living with Stink Bugs was popular because those of you who read it know. The horror is real. They all must die.
#10 I'm so psyched that Three Reasons to Donate Your Hair finished out the top 10 list, because if you can, you totally SHOULD donate your locks! That hair ain't trash, friends—it's treasure. Grow it, donate it and send us a pic!
Any wishes for topics in 2014? 
Send ideas, questions, inspirations and we'll roll it out together this year.

HAPPIEST NEW YEAR to you, my darlings!
XOXO From My Hearth to Yours

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