Monday, January 13, 2014

Niagara Falls Partially Does My Heart

So how 'bout this eastern weather lately...
just a little wackadoo?
Aaron Harris
REUTERS/Aaron Harris
It appears the "polar vortex" that slammed us last week did a number on Niagara Falls and partially froze its flow, giving Reuters photographer Aaron Harris a photo-op field day. 
Aaron Harris
REUTERS/Aaron Harris
Although I'd be beyond thrilled to have the rare opportunity to photograph a phenomenon like this, I've gotta admit that it would super unnerving to skate around the edge of this beast with ice underfoot at every edge. Gads.

Not a good day for The Maid of the Mist boat ride under the falls, huh?
Aaron Harris
REUTERS/Aaron Harris
But these photos are just breathtaking.
What an incredible wonder.
This last photo spins me out hard.
Aaron Harris
REUTERS/Aaron Harris
Oh, Mother Nature—you are, most certainly, the boss.
You have definitely been keeping us on our toes lately, but what beauty you create.

Hats off to brave Aaron Harris for his mind-melting photos.
I'm sure this was a shoot to remember. 
Check out more photos of the partially frozen falls here

Have a spectacular week, sweet friends!

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